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Production concepts worthy of reference in German manufacturing plants!

Publish: 2019-08-07 14:39:53 Update: 2019-10-12 17:08:14 View: 573
In the German manufacturing industry, there is a very interesting and crucial point: not to believe in people.

The Germans have a deep-rooted concept that people make mistakes and there will be errors, especially in the production process. The negative impacts introduced by these people will be amplified step by step through each step of the assembly line, which will inevitably affect the quality of the products.

Especially in mass production, the more human factors, the more likely the final product will be. Therefore, the Germans' idea of ​​improving quality is very straightforward. It is to use all possible means to minimize the natural influence of people in the production process, and to break down everything into a machine (or a portrait machine) can be easily executed. In other words, it is to improve the automation level of production, as long as the machine can do it, within the reasonable cost range, it is determined not to be done.

Therefore, German craftsmen are more interested in researching all kinds of high-end equipment, from automobile production lines to toothbrush hair-planting machines. In Germany, they can find the corresponding top machinery manufacturers in the industry. Let's take a look at the production management methods that German factories borrow from.


The core purpose of production process is to divide the production process into very small segments, each segment is processed in strict order, and the segments are connected by automated transmissions, each segment is simple enough that no manual operation is required. It was replaced by a machine.


The various measuring instruments with excellent performance are also better in Germany. They want every aspect of production to accurately measure the problems of the product and the production line and correct them in time. Through these measurement methods, they introduce a large number of feedback loops in the production process to ensure that the quality fluctuation of the produced products is controlled within a small range, which is an important prerequisite for ensuring product quality. Another example of a familiar industry, the German kitchen is more than the chemical laboratory equipment of the middle school students. All the ingredients are accurately measured. Of course, all processing time and processing temperature of the key links need to be accurately measured. of.


Automation is to give the robot the repetitive and error-prone human beings. The factory is completely in the production of the machine itself, and the role of the person is visualized into two types: one is to make production planning, to issue production orders; the other is to give the machine a hand to help maintain the efficient and reliable operation of the production line.


For example, there is an old German engineer who has no education. After graduating from the German vocational education school FH, he worked in the mechanical engineer position for more than 30 years. The steam turbines of all nuclear power plants in Germany are responsible for installation and commissioning. . Very respected in the department. This accumulation of knowledge and experience is critical to reliable production and engineering quality.


Everyone knows that if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his instrument. Germans like tools, they can say that they have specialized tools for everything, and almost all of them have their own toolbox or tool room. They like to make things themselves, small children's toys, homes at home, big Go to your own house.

German products focus on quality and value, not price

Germany's product upgrades are not fast, but pay attention to the quality and value of each product. Almost no German company can get rich overnight or become the global focus. They are often "small companies" that focus on a certain field or a certain product. "Slow company", but there are very few "poor companies" and "fake companies". They have a lot of small companies with a hundred years of history.

German products seldom compete for the same industry products at a price. First, there is industry protection. Second, everyone knows that price is not a decision. It may even cause the entire industry to fall into a vicious circle. They are more willing to guarantee profits while Turn profits into better products and services.

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