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Epsea product a "talking" smart dryer

Publish: 2019-07-13 11:12:27 Update: 2019-10-14 15:25:02 View: 458

With the continuous advancement of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, the Internet of Things, which was written in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, is now ushered in a big development era. The manufacturing IoT platform is considered to be the main representative of the transformation and reshaping of intelligent manufacturing. One of the directions.

In order to keep up with the current development trend and better serve customers, Ips and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the company's "software typical case", cooperated with the mushroom industry, and adopted the one-stop IoT application management system for industrial equipment. Cycle operation and maintenance management, through the cloud platform, closely links manufacturers, agents and users to provide users with products and services that are more responsive, higher quality and better price.

Youqiao Intelligent Dryer at the South China Air Compressor Exhibition in June

一. Why do you need equipment IoT?

Second, the advantages of smart device features

1) Real-time monitoring

The system can monitor the real-time operation data of the equipment through the system for 24 hours.

2) Maintenance reminder

Set the maintenance countdown reminder (supply life cycle, etc.) according to the startup time of each device. When the maintenance time is approaching, the system reminds the user and the agent to replace consumables and spare parts, effectively increasing the service life of the equipment.

3) Real-time alarm & remote diagnosis

Real-time collection of equipment parameters and analysis. In case of failure, you can check the historical operation of each parameter of the equipment to provide a basis for fault diagnosis, reduce maintenance time and shorten downtime.

4) Failure warning

According to the historical operation rules of the equipment, the warning conditions are set. When the operating parameters of the equipment reach the warning condition, the system will push the reminder message.

5) Energy management

Real-time recording of the power consumption of the device, combined with equipment such as dryers, automatically generate energy-saving reports.

6) Historical data

You can view the historical running trend and historical alarm record of the equipment within 6 months at any time.

7) Evaluation feedback

Through the system, after the agent service, the agent's service can be evaluated online to protect their customer experience and service quality.

8) Seamless docking

From the “shipping” of the equipment to the “acceptance evaluation”, the end users of each service process of the agent can remotely view, avoiding the inaccuracy and unsynchronization caused by the offline communication mode. Improve efficiency through real-time collaboration with the system.

9) Smart file

The device administrator can open the system at any time, view the device maintenance file, and maintain the inspection record. File cloud storage, real-time update, ready to view, and should not be lost.

Optimization of after-sales service process

Youqiao intelligent dryer realizes remote operation and maintenance of equipment through Internet of Things technology, wireless network technology and software technology, and shares equipment operation data with agents and users. Users, agents, and manufacturers can analyze the causes of faults through equipment operation data analysis, and timely and accurately arrange after-sales service. Saves maintenance time and avoids production losses caused by equipment failures.




Survival of the fittest fittest and the launch of the intelligent networked series dryer are just one of the initiatives of Ips to enhance the brand's competitive soft power. In the future, Ips will continue to develop its innovative technology based on its keen market insight. Taking advantage of the trend, we will build a high-quality sales and after-sales service system to provide our customers with more competitive quality products, help customers reduce system costs and optimize product quality and efficiency.

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